best exercises for beginners

The best exercises for beginners

The functional training complex is aimed at maintaining the tone of all muscles, the general physical development of the body. Due to intense load, endurance increases, calories are burned efficiently. Don’t forget nutrition. The diet should be balanced, otherwise the classes will not give the desired result.

If you intend to lose weight easily and with pleasure, pay attention to the Zumba fitness program. Rhythmic movements in music engage all muscles. As a result, you can achieve a beautiful figure, good health and a positive mood.

The most effective exercises for the abdominal muscles.

Crunches are considered the best exercises for the press. Its correct implementation includes each section of the abdominal muscles. The main load falls on the abdominal muscles.

The best exercises for beginners

Simple exercises to work the press:

Bike. Do 3 sets of 20 times. Lying on your back, place your hands behind your head. Start moving your legs as if you were pedalling.

Hanging leg lift. Do 10 times in three sets. Position: lying on the floor, legs bent at the knees and raised. You need to lift your upper body towards your knees.

Pair of scissors. The exercise is done in 30 seconds. The arms are extended along the body and pressed against the floor. Try to lift your legs off the ground as you cross.

“Saw” board. Do a minute. The emphasis is on the forearms, the back is even. With a small amplitude, you have to swing.

Mahi bent leg.

Another effective exercise is exercising with a fitball. Sit on the ball, put your hands behind your head, lean back. With smooth movements due to the muscles of the press, try to lift the body. Hold for a second and lower your back. Hips during execution remain parallel to the floor.

The most effective exercises for the hips and buttocks.

For such exercises, dumbbells are not needed. The maximum load falls on all the gluteal muscles. To keep beautiful hips, you have to pay attention to them regularly:

  • squats – enough for 30 squats in three sets;
  • lunges – 15 on each leg;
  • mahi – 30 times each (the inner thighs, sides and buttocks are trained);
  • lifting the buttocks in a lying position – 20 repetitions;
  • perform scissors with bent legs.

You can get beautiful muscles at home if you do a series of exercises every day.

The most effective manual exercises.

Beginners can use dumbbells weighing 2-3 kg. The following exercises will help to lose weight and tighten the muscles of the hands:

  • raising your hands in front of you;
  • bend your arms to exercise your biceps;
  • dilution of the hands in a tilt;
  • push-ups (also pumps the back);
  • barre (can be performed on the elbows, on the side, with jumps).

Perfectly pump your hands and form a relief that will help different variations of push-ups. If you are engaged in ready-made complexes, you can watch special video tutorials for women or men. They can be done every day.

best exercises for beginners

The most effective chest exercises.

For beginners, basic push-ups from the floor are suitable. They allow you to evenly distribute the load.

Best exercises:

  • lifting dumbbells while lying down;
  • pull the expander to the side;
  • corner push-ups including bars;
  • jumper (a bed or other piece of furniture is suitable as a support);

Chest press with dumbbells.

To pump up the chest at home, it is enough to perform these exercises once or twice a week. Each of them is carried out in three or four approaches. It is recommended to gradually increase the weight of the dumbbells. Push-ups can be increased depending on the number of repetitions and the complexity of the options.

The most effective exercises for the waist

The following exercises will help make the waistline slimmer and more elegant:

  • Plank. Strengthens the oblique muscles of the abdomen, resulting in a beautiful waistline.
  • Turning to one side.
  • Raise closed straight legs and lower to the side.
  • Side bridge.
  • Rotation of the body in a seated position.

Many make the mistake of starting to pump the press hard and doing different bends to the sides. In this case, the stomach, although it will become flat, but the size of such a load will increase. It is better not to overdo it, but to perform the proposed exercises correctly and in moderation.

After training, you need to set aside a few minutes for stretching, stretching the muscles of the back, legs and abdomen. Aerobic exercises help get rid of excess weight and keep it normal.