Beautiful figure without a gym

How to build a beautiful figure without a gym?

Why do you need a gym membership when you can buy a horizontal bar or train at the nearest workout site? In shells you will quickly get the results you need and you can train even in winter.

The equipment is painted using a special technology, so that the handrails do not freeze even in the most severe frost. Of course, it is better for beginners to start classes in the warm season – winter training has its own specifics and you need to prepare for it a little.

An expensive subscription is useless if you know where to find a training site.

Beautiful figure without a gym

Train with friends or make new friends during your workout

Gym or playground?

Classes in the classroom or on the training site? We vote for the site.

You can save a lot. Subscriptions are now quite expensive, and besides, everyone (even the most motivated) does not always attend the training. And it’s not laziness that is in question: work, family, friends, traffic jams, and now, instead of training with a trainer, you are once again just walking along the road, at best , of running.

To exercise, all you need are sneakers, comfortable clothes, a bottle of water and a good mood.

You can train with friends. Unfortunately, most gyms go out of their way to make sure you don’t have any mentors other than personal trainers who work at a gym. And at the training site, you can gather a whole team of people who want to come and train with a family trainer or join a local training organization.

Working with your weight is safer and often more effective. Well, if you want an extra load, all you need to do is use arm and leg weights.

Horizontal bar exercises help relieve back pain. The body stretches, the spine relaxes. In addition, it perfectly loads the upper part of the body – the muscles of the back and the press, which together work on the health of our spine.

Are workouts for men only? No! The number of girls who prefer the horizontal bar to indoor classes is constantly growing. There are also young mothers who exercise while the child sleeps nearby in the stroller. For women, strength training is very important. The already small muscle mass decreases every year. In order for the body to be in good shape, regular strength training is essential.

It will be difficult to start, because most women have weak hands. But the horizontal bar perfectly helps to cope with this problem. Start with push-ups and pull-ups: stand under a low (waist-high) bar, place your legs under the bar with a straight torso, and start lifting with only your arms bent. No need to be heroic, just two approaches after the first signs of fatigue.

Beautiful figure without a gym

It’s not just boys in sports.

If you want to get in shape quickly, training is an effective and inexpensive way.

Outdoor workouts are significantly better than indoor workouts, even with an air purifier and air conditioner. In the street, our metabolism accelerates, the blood is better saturated with oxygen and we get tired less than with a similar workout in the gym, but we burn more calories.

Workouts in the training zone are unlikely to bore you. Unlike gym simulators, each projectile on the site has multiple ways to use it. You can take inspiration from the workouts of famous athletes on Youtube, or you can use your imagination and invent an exercise yourself. Training is also about creativity.

You can constantly change the set of exercises so you don’t get bored with classes, and progress is even faster. The functionality of each projectile is limited only by your imagination.

We hope we have succeeded in convincing you of the usefulness of outdoor exercise equipment.